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Warivo Motor India Pvt Ltd builds electric mobility solutions and is based in Haryana, India.

  • Company Name : Warivo Motor
  • Specialization : Electric Vehicles
  • Established In : 2018
  • Based In : Haryana, India
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About Warivo Motor

WARIVO MOTOR India PVT. LTD. is Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company that was established in 2018 with a mission to change each and every gasoline bike existing on roads by battery operated e-bike and scooters

Warivo Motor India Pvt Ltd builds electric mobility solutions and is based in Haryana, India. We currently build e-bikes that at once can be pedalled or be battery powered, making for a fun experience in urban environments.

Warivo Motors is a rapidly growing Indian two-wheelers corporation with 9 trendy models to suit each technology of merchandise in step with their comfort and fashion. The bikes and scooters in Warivo Motors are completely designed in-residence in India and a 100% assembled in our Haryana unit. Warivo has its Technology unit in Haryana wherein it contains out reducing side work round electric powered transmission, battery technology and on-board electronics.

We have a provider community of top rate car stores in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Jaipur cities, keeps to scale. It has an approved service network throughout multiple states in India offering after sales carrier and aid for its products. We have a properly prepared production and assembly unit followed with exquisite income and advertising crew aiming to offer maximum nice product and after income services.

At Warivo, We are building the following era new strength mobility atmosphere that makes it less complicated to exchange to electric scooters and bikes. We have an inexperienced variety of no-petrol no-pollution two-wheelers that are within your budget, eco-friendly, safe and convenient. Exhibiting a variety of perks, those electric powered -wheelers are nice-appropriate to all age groups. Designed, manufactured and developed in India, our electric powered two-wheelers are available at economic prices. Merging passion with purpose, Warivo scooters and bikes will provide metropolis dwellers a modern way to commute and connect, charting the future for generations to come back. Our identity is based on the convergence of two wheels — the front wheel signifying learnings and values of the beyond and, the back wheel, clean energy for the future. Together we're going towards the grain to usher in in a new dimension of the next-gen mobility.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the market leader in sustainable, technologically advanced, highly conducive, urban mobility and modern transportation by facilitating global transition from conventional to renewable, electric modes of transport; by manufacturing innovative alternative fuel vehicles and thereby reducing pollution & fossil fuel consumption and enhancing energy security & air quality.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide trendy, safe, affordable, and wide range of electric two-wheelers to our customers, strictly adhering to quality, safety and ensuring reduction in Greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions

Message from the Founder

We are at a point in time when a significant change is required to protect the environment. During our travels abroad, we noticed a growing awareness among consumers about the importance of adopting electric vehicles as the major mode of personal transportation. Since then, we've been inspired to create a product that is both eco-friendly and low-resource, and to make India's presence felt on the global stage. We at Warivo believe that we have the POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD. India is in desperate need of a clean-fuel mobility revolution, and we'd like to lead the charge. As a result, our focus remains on providing inexpensive, world-class electric vehicles with new technology to Indian customers. We would like to provide a high-speed electric vehicle as an alternative to IC engine products. We support our Hon PM Shri's "Make in India" agenda. Narendra Modi and his team are creating a product for Indians, by Indians. We consider each and every one of our customers to be a Warivo Motors brand ambassador. As a result, the burden of responsibility falls on our shoulders, and we shall shoulder it with the utmost respect and thanks. We will continue to invest in innovative technologies, designs, and features in order to stay ahead of the curve in this blooming EV sector.

Mr. Ravi Garg and Mr. Sanjay Garg ( Founders of Warivo Motors )

Our Core Values


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